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About I Am-Dolls

I AM …Cassandra Harrison

I come from a creative family with artist of every kind. 

As a child, I loved to sit under the old folks. They were interesting with big personalities. They were characters.  I used these characters to tell stories to family and friends. I took these characters that I held dear to my heart into adulthood.  At the end of a wonderful career as a fashion designer and educator, the characters became even stronger in my mind. Something happened unexpected.  Where I use to see fashions on models, I started seeing them on "Little People."  These little people are the characters of my youth.  They are people I haven't thought of in decades.  They are my ancestors. Traditions and memories I had forgotten, reappeared in my thoughts.

When I think of my dolls, I think of how they make others feel. I love it when someone mentions that a certain doll is happy or sad or that it reminds them of someone. Then I know, I have done my job. See, my dolls are faceless. They have to be feeling the dolls emotions to come away with an opinion. I AM ...glad God chose to speak through me with dolls. My soft sculptured dolls are made from recycled fabrics.  The dolls are one of a kind with an artist signature and number attached. The dolls are 18 to 22 inches standing.  Each doll has an, I AM ... statement. The “I AM’ tells the character of the doll.

It is a joy and a blessing to teach and document African American traditions, culture, life style, joys, sorrows, history, folklore, legacy, and pop culture.... through, doll making. My legacy is to make you remember, have a dialogue, that eventually gives a healing for all.

I AM.... Cassandra Harrison
I AM ... A Doll Maker

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